Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Mr. international KREONE

Chilean superstar Mr. International KREONE drops down on the Hudson to release his new single. Pina Productionz has put together a super album release party featuring DJ Bacan, DJ Boom, and DJ Raymambo.  For more info, call:  201-941-3000

Biggest Night Out in Hudson County

The City of Union City will be hosting its Annual National Night Out Against Crime on Tuesday, August 4, 2015 from 6:00 PM to 10:00 PM on Bergenline Avenue from 22nd to 30th Streets, Union City.  This year promises to be bigger and better than ever, with more rides for children and entertainment on three stages.

There will be free rides for children; free hot dogs and water; magic show; and a performance for children by Rosario & Her Stars.  Live music on two stages by the groups La Charanga 76Ray Machado y Su GrupoCubanosonOcean Vibes Trio, flamenco guitarist Jonathan Fritz, Mr. International KREONE, and Mariachi Nuevo Mexico.

The popular family friendly event draws over ten thousand attendees annually, and it's always a favorite.  Everything is free, and everyone in the community is invited to attend.

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Cuban Groups arrive in Hudson County

Cuban Groups arrive in Hudson County
La Charanga Habanera & El Medico de la Salsa
One Night Only!!!
(North Bergen, NJ)  Los Amigos Productions present two dynamic Cuban groups, La Charanga Habanera and El Medico de la Salsa under one roof for a one night-only concert on Saturday, July 18, 2015 at the Lido Ballroom located at 2600 Tonelle Avenue in North Bergen, NJ. Doors open at 7:00 PM.  Also featuring DJ Morales.  Free parking.  For more information or reservations, please call 201-552-1023.  

Grupos cubanos llegan al condado de Hudson
La Charanga Habanera y El Medico de la Salsa
Solamente Una Noche !!!
(North Bergen, Nueva Jersey) Los Amigos Productions presentan dos grupos cubanos dinámicos, La Charanga Habanera y El Medico de la Salsa bajo un mismo techo para una única noche un concierto en Sábado, 18 de julio 2015 en el salón de baile de Lido ubicado en 2600 Avenida Tonelle en North Bergen, Nueva Jersey. Las puertas se abren a las 7:00 PM. También con DJ Morales. Estacionamiento gratis. Para más información o reservaciones, por favor llame al 201-552-1023.

Friday, July 3, 2015

Union City Throws a Party

(Ray Machado & His Group)

(Union City, NJ) Union City really knows how to throw a party as evidenced last night at its annual Independence Day Celebration along Palisade Avenue.  The evening was filled to the brim with family fun… from pony rides to giant slides to even a mechanical bull.  They had plenty of hot dogs and water, as well as popcorn and cotton candy… and all was FREE.  

This festivities also included classic cars, and art exhibit curated by the ever eccentric Amado Mora.  Families could even walk away from the event with a free printed Independence Day photograph.  The popular children's show "Rosario & Her Stars" was a big hit with the kids.

The highlight of the night however was the variety of music.  From standards to classic Rock.  But the night belonged to what Union City does better than any other City in the State, and that is Latin music.

The event featured El CapitanThe Back in Business Band, Cubanoson, Union Hill, and Ray Machado y Su Grupo.  The Ray Machado Group in particular brought the house down with their fusion of Cuban Reggeaton, Salsa, and Timba.  They had the crowd bouncing during their one hour set.

It was a great party, and a great way to kick-off the Fourth of July weekend.

North Bergen DPW Supervisors Guilty

Sacco’s corruption detailed by township employees placed under oath 

North Bergen, NJ: Nicholas Sacco’s use of election fraud was exposed in open court during the criminal trials of North Bergen Department of Public Works Supervisors Francis Longo and Troy Bunero. As reported in the Hudson County View, current DPW workers testified under oath, providing detailed accounts of the widespread voter fraud occurring in North Bergen elections.
Paul Molinero testified that he was forced to vote in elections, even though his superiors knew he lived out of town and that it was illegal for him to vote in any election in North Bergen. “As these court cases come to fruition, we will continue to see how pervasive the corruption that plagues North Bergen has become. But, ultimately, the truth is always exposed, and the will of the people will prevail. Change is coming.” stated Larry Wainstein, a well-known community activist in North Bergen.
Mario Blanch, a local attorney and civil rights activist, stated, “The egregious actions that have been perpetrated by Sacco and his campaign are finally being exposed by our justice system. I am currently working on a case that is riddled with precisely the same election fraud that was admitted to in this case, but on a much larger scale. The amount of voter fraud that occurs in North Bergen elections is outrageous. We are working hard to find all those responsible for the fraud and to have them legally prosecuted. The legal voters of North Bergen are the real victims here.”
Political fundraising was another method of Sacco’s corruption that was brought to light in the trial. Nicholas Oriolo, a DPW worker testified that he and other DPW employees are forced to buy political fundraising tickets to Sacco’s Mayor’s Ball.
Oriolo’s testimony confirms previous accounts of intimidation made by former North Bergen High School teacher, Sarah Guillen and the accounts of many other township employees. When Ms. Guillen came forward describing how she had been forced to buy political fundraising tickets, Sacco attempted to bully her and threatened to have her brought up on ethics charges. Larry Wainstein stated, “this is the way Sacco governs. Like a true dictator, he intimidates the township employees through threats of losing their jobs or worse.”
In light of the widespread extortion and fraud admitted in the recent trials and evidenced through numerous records and accounts, Larry Wainstein is calling for government reforms that will put an end to Sacco’s intimidation of North Bergen employees.Wainstein is calling for Sacco and his commissioners to pass a campaign finance reform ordinance that will prohibit soliciting and accepting campaign contributions from Township of North Bergen employees, North Bergen Board of Education employees, and vendors. “These employees are forced to pay for Sacco’s elections, they are forced to work to get him elected, and some are even forced to commit voter fraud so that they can vote for Sacco despite living in other towns. If they do not comply with Sacco’s demands, they get fired, or have some charges brought against them. They know that they don’t have a choice. It has to end!” stated Wainstein when questioned about the need for the reform he is seeking. 

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Hudson County's Death Trap

Kennedy Boulevard & 32nd Street a.k.a. Hudson County's Death Trap.  

Residents of North Hudson have known for years that the intersection of Kennedy Boulevard and 32nd Street bordered by North Bergen and Union City is a hazardous place for both pedestrians and motorists alike.  Both are County roads, and both see extremely heavy daily traffic.

County and local officials have tried to remedy the situation unsuccessfully by adding bridges, railings, ballers, et al to solve the problem at a cost of millions.  Baby strollers have been hit, and babies and teenagers have been killed, but the problem persists.

The solution is simple, implement the law.  Assign police or County Sheriff officers to the area and ticket every car that runs the red light, which by the way averages three to four cars per light.  Giving out jaywalking tickets would go a long way as well.

The area can be enclosed by barbed wire, but until the law is implemented, the problem will persist.

Governor Chris Christie is running!!!

It’s been a long time coming, and it was not a surprise.  On Tuesday, June 30th New Jersey Governor Chris Christie officially announced that he is running for the 2016 Republican nomination for president of the United States with a speech at Livingston High School, the school he attended and graduated as class president. 
Chistie joins a very crowded field of candidate hopefuls for the Republican Party.  Christie once the leading contender, now enters the race at the bottom of the list, and a bit roughed-up after the infamous “Bridge Gate” scandal that rocked his administration and credibility.  However, it is very early to tell if he will rise in the polls.  A year and a half in politics is a very long time.  And Christie is a fighter.

First female and Latino lead Prosecutor

Esther Suarez, a Passaic County judge and Bayonne native, is set to become Hudson County’s first female and Latino lead prosecutor after a unanimous vote by the state Senate this week.
Suarez, of Secaucus, will replace Guy Gregory, who has been the acting Hudson County prosecutor since August 2012. Suarez's appointment will run five years.
Edward DeFazio’s appointment was not renewed in 2012, and Gregory was named his a temporary replacement. DeFazio moved on to become a Hudson County Superior Court judge. The appointment of Suarez had to be agreed upon by State Senators Sacco, Stack, and Cunningham.